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A Bit Of Rough - Japanese wash cloths

Exfoliating wash cloths for body

I'm sure everyone know the importance of exfoliating their skin. Whether you are preparing for a self tan or helping a self tan to fade more evenly or maybe to prevent ingrowing hairs after shaving / waxing. I'm also sure everyone has their favourite shower accessories for cleansing & exfoliating their body. Whether it's one of those shower scrunchies, a pair of exfoliation gloves or a more traditional loofah.

A Bit Of Rough is a Japanese style wash cloth that combines the best bits of all of the above, giving the perfect level of exfoliation without being too harsh on the skin.
Pre-ABOR I've used a combination of all three previously mentioned accessories to cleanse and exfoliate my body at one point or another.
Shower scrunchies are great to foam shower products and your skin feels cleansed afterwards but they don't give much of an exfoliation. 
Exfoliation gloves on the other hand give a great exfoliation (although can be a little scratchy) but they are rubbish at holding any product. Which means you need to use more shower gel than you normally would to feel properly clean.
Back loofahs although great for reaching behind your back and giving an exfoliation, that is it' only purpose! Who wants to have separate shower accessories just to give themselves a full body exfoliation? Especially when it comes to travelling.

A Bit Of Rough is a piece of exfoliating cloth measuring 100cm x 30cm. Which can be either scrunched up into a ball or held folded. It holds & foams your shower products really well, similar to a shower scrunchie. However it gives the most amazing exfoliation, much better than those exfoliation gloves. Plus because it's a meter long, when unfolded you can reach behind you and exfoliate your back, similar to a back loofah.
You can use your existing shower products and because the cloth is giving you all the exfoliation you need, there is no need to buy a separate body scrub thus saving you money.
It folds up really small so great for travel and It's machine washable so can used time after time.
They do state that they are gentle enough to use on the face. Although I have very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts if I use anything too harsh. So I personally haven't used this on my face but if you're used to a facial scrub then I'm sure it would great for you.

A Bit Of Rough wash cloth costs £8 for one or £16 for three. For more information check their website here.

Like the sound of them? I'm holding a giveaway where A Bit Of Rough is giving you the chance to win three wash cloths to try.
Here are the terms and how to enter this giveaway:

  1. You must be following my blog via GFC and leave a comment with some contact details AND you must Like the A Bit Of Rough Facebook page and post a comment about the Pampered Prince giveaway (1 entry).
  2. As a bonus entry follow me (@PamperedPrince) and ABOR (@ABitOfRough) and Tweet about this giveaway. Remembering to mention both of us in your Tweet (1 entry).
A winner will be picked at random using on Saturday June 2nd at 12:00pm BST.


Good luck everyone!

Pampered Prince


  1. I would like to enter please because I am so rough like alizard!


  2. Sounds great. Exfoliation is the key to a lovely looking skin. I done all the entries :) x

    1. I forgot my contact details:


  3. Hi Andy. So nice to have found you via BBB. We need more men in the mix. I think men's health and grooming tends to get overlooked and it shouldn't.

    I have you on Twitter (your in trouble now dude!), GFC and FB. I'll give your great comp a shout out on my bijou blog.

    Ali x

    Twit: @AlisonH_

  4. Entered! I hope it did all right :)

  5. I've done all the entries. great give way I love to exfoliate.

    Twitter- @misstinksbeauty

  6. I think I've done everything!

    I literally have crags of flaky skin that need purging so bring it on. ;)


  7. Absolutely in love with the name, witty spin on a great method of exfoliating.

    GFC, FB & FB comment - check
    Following you & AFOR on Twiter - check

    Twitter: @beautythesis

  8. Replies
    1. Yes, I used them daily with no issue.

  9. How often do you need to replace it?


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