Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Samsara Skin Clinic on YouTube!

Some of you may be aware if you follow me and / or my skin clinic, Samsara Skin on Twitter, but Jessica and I have recently created a YouTube channel for Samsara Skin Clinic.

I have my own channel, which I plan on doing more on, as soon as a) I have more time and b) I have some natural light to work with. But I also wanted to create a channel for the clinic, because a) not everyone can come to our clinic but would like advice and b) I want to show how different we are from other clinic, something that only a video would explain!

On our channel for the clinic, we'll be giving our professional opinions on skin treatments, even doing treatment demonstrations, product recommendations for different skin types / concerns, nutritional based videos and all round general skin care advice videos!
We'll even be having 'meet the maker' type videos, where we invite (drag) one of the brand owners / product producers that we are so proud to stock in our humble clinic!
We hope to do this in a professional and informative manner, with lots of personality and good humour!

For now, to give you a little taster of what's to come we've filmed an introduction / welcome video explaining a little bit about us, our clinic and our channel.

You can watch it below and please don't forget to subscribe! (Excuse the bad lighting. By the time we'd mastered our YouTube skills, we lost our natural light! I promise the next one will be better quality!)

Also, if you have any requests for videos, then please contact us at


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