Monday, 3 March 2014

Dr Alkaitis Travel & Try Kit

I think what makes us at Samsara Skin Clinic unique is that every single brand, in fact every single product in store has been tried & tested by either Jessica or myself, usually both of us!

Before we introduce any new brand to the clinic and ultimately our clients, we HAVE to try it out ourselves first to ensure a) it meets our standards b) we think it's effective and good value for money and c) so we know exactly which skin type or skin condition the product will be most suitable for, and therefore who best to prescribe it to.

One of the brands both Jessica and I have been testing recently is Dr Alkaitis, a holistic organic skin care range, with the slogan "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin". The range is completely natural and 100% active. They use organic ingredients where possible and where not, they source wild harvested ingredients instead.

Jessica & I both bought a 'Travel & Try Kit' which contains one of every product in the range. They might look quite small bottles, however I used them for over a month before the majority of them finished and I still have loads of the treatment oil and eye cream left.

I won't go into too much detail of each product (simply because this would be a crazy long blog post), I'll save that for future posts. Instead, I'll give a quick overview of the kit as a whole and mention a few of my favourites!

The Dr Alkaitis T&T Kit contains;

  • Purifying Facial Cleanser (30ml)
  • Soothing Gel (30ml)
  • Replenishing Serum (30ml)
  • Treatment Oil (30ml)
  • Day Cream (7ml)
  • Night Cream (7ml)
  • Eye Cream (7ml)
  • Universal Mask (1 sachet - enough for two treatments)
  • Flower Mask (1 sachet - enough for two treatments)
  • Exfoliating Mask (1 sachet - enough for two treatments)
  • Cellular Repair Mask (1 sachet - enough for two treatments)
The Purifying Facial Cleanser is a gentle-foaming cleanser, which works really well with my Foreo Luna. It's a soap-based cleanser and contains organic cold pressed oils of coconut, jojoba, olive and shea. It also contains a herbal complex for skin repair, plus natural source vitamins A & C. 

My favourite product is probably the Soothing Gel, an aloe based calming serum / gel which is great for acne, eczema and rosacea prone skins. It's basically an anti-inflammatory tonic, so great for calming the skin down. I've been using this after shaving, followed by the Treatment Oil (which I've also been using as a pre-shave treatment oil). Despite having different types and issues, this is also Jessica's favourite!

Replenishing Serum is also fantastic. It's basically the same as Soothing Gel, except has a few more actives, therefore inflamed skin i.e acne, eczema and rosacea prone skins may find too stimulating. I've been using this on my 'non-shave' days.

The Day, Night and Eye creams are all lovely. Despite being quite rich, the absorb really well and feel lovely on the skin. Like a calming, comfort blanket but without the barrier function disruption that you may experience with 'mineral oil' heavy creams.

All the masks in the range are in powder form, which means they're kept potent and active. You can activate them with plain water or for an added boost, you can use Manuka Honey and / or Pro-biotic yogurt. Although there's a single sachet of each, I found there was enough for two applications per sachet (although in some cases, my other half got involved, so I only got one treatment myself!). The only one in the range I shouldn't have used is the Universal Mask, as it contains a blend of different grasses and I have a severe grass allergy (If only I'd read the warning!).  My favourite however, has to be the Cellular Repair Mask! On the days I've had a little too much coffee or sugar and looking particularly inflamed, this mask has literally saved my skin!

There we have it! I tried to keep it brief, but as you can see there's a lot of product to cover in the range. The Dr Alkaitis range has completely won me over and I can't wait to stock them at Samsara Skin. I'm sure my clients will love the range as much as I do!


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  1. Hi Andy,

    Great review. I really love Dr Alkaitis products. I love the fact they are raw, wildcrafted and organic. Dr Alkaitis is an extremely clever man, he helped Rose Marie Swift create RMS Beauty makeup line. I think you should stock both!

    Out of Dr Alkaitis products, I really liked the Day Cream, Night cream and the Universal Mask. The Oil is so huge and superb value for money for the amount you get. Absolutely love the european packaging too!

    I think Dr Alkaitis products are unique to the market and his wife is extremely lucky that he created them for her. Their daughter Trish is really lovely and helpful too.

    Seriously Dr Alkaitis products are unlike anything else out there!

    lots of love,

    Danny xx


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