Friday, 11 July 2014

Introducing NCN Professional Skin Care!

NCN Professional Skin Care are a brand, which until recently I hadn't heard of but are a brand, I wish I'd heard of sooner!

I had the pleasure of meeting Katy from Treat The Skin You're In, the UK's official distributor of NCN Professional Skin Care. We met at the Anti-Ageing Show, at Kensington Olympia in May.

I was then very lucky to meet Katy again the following week at the Beauty Show UK, at Birmingham's NEC. Katy was lovely enough to have also brought along two products from the NCN Professional Skin Care range for me to try. Two very potent serums from the range, an antioxidant Vitamin C serum for the daytime and a copper peptide plus epidermal growth factor serum for the evening.

NCN Professional Skin Care - Vitamin C+ Serum

I already briefly mentioned this serum in my 'Top 3 Products for Pigmentation' post, but I'll go into the product in a little more detail here.
As the name suggests it's a Vitamin C serum, so primarily it's an antioxidant serum, designed for daytime use to protect from free radical damage during the day. 
Vitamin C is important for so much more than antioxidant protection however. Vitamin C is a precursor for collagen production, it's a fantastic anti-inflammatory and it's great at reducing pigmentation.

The problem with Vitamin C is it's a highly unstable ingredient and oxides very quickly. The other issue with Vitamin C is it can be very irritating on the skin, due to it's low pH. NCN Professional Skin Care Vitamin C+ Serum has combated these two issues by including other ingredients to stabilise the Vitamin C, but to also reduce the irritation, namely Glutathione and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP). Both powerful antioxidants in their own right providing great benefit to the skin, as well as stabilising the main source of Vitamin C which is L-Ascorbic Acid (a whopping 20%).

The serum itself is a fluid liquid which comes in a spray bottle. They recommend 3-4 pumps. Personally I found two pumps was more than enough for face and neck. The only thing to mention, is on the days I'd shaved, the serum did sting my open skin a little. It was absolutely fine on my non-shaving days however and obviously this wouldn't be an issue for my female readers!

It's a fantastic little serum and I highly recommend for anyone wanting a powerful Vitamin C serum, that a) actually contains enough Vitamin C to be effective and b) wants it in a stable form, again so it's effective!

NCN Professional Skin Care - Vitamin C+ Serum retails at £31.99 for 36ml and is available from

NCN Professional Skin Care - GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum with EGF

I didn't feature this in my 'Top 3 Products for Pigmentation' blog post, but I really should have! Basically this is a 'Swiss army knife' type product, so has something for every job or rather every skin type and / or concern.

The GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum with EGF ingredients list is fairly modest, comprising basically of, well, GHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptide and EGF or epidermal growth factor (both ingredients are listed in my 'Top 10 Anti-Ageing Ingredients That Really Work' post). Also, some extracts like liquorice, aloe, radish and sea kelp.

GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum with EGF is great for increasing cell turn over, stimulating collagen production, firming skin, reducing lines & wrinkles, evening skin tone, evening skin texture, balancing oil production and is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Like I said, Swiss Army Knife Serum!

It's an absolutely dream to use too, it's an almost water-like consistency, which absorbs instantly in to the skin. I use after an acid toner and follow up a facial oil or balm to seal it in and add hydration.
I've really noticed a huge improvement in my skin since using it too. The tone is more even, the lines around my eyes have pretty much disappeared and the deep lines on my forehead are much less prominent. I absolutely love this serum and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a powerful multi-tasking anti-ageing serum, to use at night. It's also really good value! Not the cheapest serum to buy, however you only use such a tiny amount, 2-3 drops is all that is needed, so the 70ml will last a really long time. I've had mine for over 7 weeks and I've hardly dented it!

There are a few things to note with this product. Firstly, it definitely fits in to my 'Restorative Anti-Ageing' category, so I'd only recommend using this ONCE you're at an age you need it, not an age you think you need it. You're also advised to give your skin one day a week rest from using the product and to ensure you exfoliate while using the product, due to the increased cell turn over.

NCN Professional Skin Care - GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Serum with EGF retails at £52.99 and is available from

If these two products are anything to go by, I'm really looking forward to trying more from the range. I love the almost medical-looking labelling, the cosmeceutical ingredients without the nasty irritants that are often included, but most importantly I love the results. They remind me a little of CosMedix, which is obviously a brand very close to my heart!

*Gifted Samples


  1. Wow ...little expensive but they sound great ill need to look into this brand a little more

  2. Wow! These sound fantastic! I'm all for products that help with pigmentation (*going off to read your top 3 now*) and these sound like they do a brilliant job! :)
    LouLovesbeauty xxx

  3. Expensive, but I'd rather spend it on skincare to invest in my skin than an overpriced makeup palette!! xx

  4. Nice to hear about another fabulous product from NCN. Although this Serum quite expensive. I love the way my skin feels after I cleanse, it's gentle and I do believe helps with firmness and clarity.
    Men's Beauty Care

  5. I came across this research for Copper Peptides which may go great with your testimony:

    Copper Peptides
    Copper has long been known to be important in the creation of collagen and elastin (again, important parts of the dermis), both of which are decreased with aging. Copper does have a bit more research than many other topical antioxidants, and some well design (aka- double-blind placebo controlled) research studies have shown improvement in fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and decreased photodamage. Copper increases the body's superoxide dismutase levels (see below). They even found a 17.8% improvement in skin thickness! Overall that does sound great, and copper is very appealing to add to products since it is non-irritating and pretty cheap to add to creams.

    Thanks for letting us know how the product worked for you, its great to know more about Copper Peptides in your anti aging regime.


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